Week 1 – The Struggle is Definitely REAL

Why is it so difficult creating a website in WordPress? 

I do not have the answer to this question. All I have are theories. Maybe It’s because I lack the experience necessary to make a website truly badass. It is true that coding is a language I am not versed in yet. 

Some of the struggles I have been having as listed below:

  • The header picture either being too big or unable to be cropped for no specified reason. 
  • Not knowing what plug-ins do exactly, but after installing some (on a hunch and some research) problems like uploading images have been solved. 
  • Being mislead by the theme, I mean…it’s free so what else should I expect? 

I guess everything is a process, right? I expect this website to look completely different 9 weeks from now. 

Rant over with. Now, music.