Week 3 – The Struggle Has Calmed Down (Like 5%)

The biggest influences for me to pursue technology as an art form is to one, to expand my creative horizons, I have big ideas but don’t exactly know how to execute them (this is where school comes in). Two is to do what I want to do and not what is expected of me. As a woman of Mexican decent there are certain roles and expectations of me that I have not adhered to but at one point felt the guilt of needing to. As a Queer Femme Chicana, trying to fit into a box becomes more difficult, but I’m not trying to do that. 

“…But You Look Straight:” My Femme-Identity Does Not Invalidate My Queerness

I also have an invisible disability which affects my life daily, and then there is an expectation to keep it all together and not feed into the stigma that surrounds mental illness. To be “high functioning”. 

It can be a lot, but luckily I have the services and supports around me that help keep my life stabilized. 

A LOT of my inspiration comes from my life and how I can create things to make life easier for others or offer a productive distraction besides our own technological dissociation we gravitate towards, which is Facebook (i.e. Twitter, Tinder, etc.). 

I’ve decided to claim myself as this: 

I OWN crazy. I OWN Queer. I OWN brown. 

When I was younger I used to spend hours on this website playing games created by independent gamers and random people inside their house. 


I’m totally going to post my Period. pong game on there when it is finished. One dream down! So. Much. More. To. Go.