4020 – Ch. 2 Corporate Cannibal (Shaviro)

Corporate Cannibal by Grace Jones relates to the application known as Tinder, in a way that is more foreshadowing. It has been argued that capitalism and consumerism have been influenced our thinking so much that we have evolved our very way of making our decisions about anything around the way we make choices based on capitalism. We essentially have become capitalists as opposed to humanists just as Grace Jones is transformed in the video. She is morphed into an unrecognizable shape, and I would argue that the morphism is comparable to the visualization of data, “she turns herself into a thing.” Data is what we become when we are collected into profiles on an app. Grace Jones herself transformed from a human to a thing much like we all have become, accumulated data informed by algorithms which, “demands or obedience, without promising us any hope of empathy, intimacy, or identification in return.”  Jean-Paul Goude expresses how his marriage to Grace Jones fell apart when “[Jones] felt I had started to love the character we had created more than I loved her.” As one falls in love with the idea of Tinder rather than the person behind the app that resembles, “Singularity,” in which all-too-human limitations are transcended through new technologies, and by the subsumption of flesh into machines.” Capitalism wants us to become more like machines so that our actions are more predictable and we are easier to control.