Week 10 – Arduino’s Yo.

This is the week of the Arduino, which I am kind of in love with. A lot, actually.

For some reason, the language of the Arduino is a lot easier for me to understand than P5js. I believe it is more straightforward that coding a design, but I do still enjoy that frustration as well. 

My goal for this project is the make the Arduino do exactly what I want it to do, how I want it to do it. Instead of breaking the code, which can be fun in design, mostly because I’m attracted to the busted glitchy look. 

So, far…I have three blinking lights that go around in a circle that have the speed controlled by the buttons. I want to change the buttons to switch the lights and possible stop the blinking, but continue the movement around the circle. 

Blah. So, now…it makes sound…but…the buttons don’t change colors!!!! So…time to try and figure it out..


For my final project, I wanted to experiment with creating a digital collage and how the created shapes would interact with the photos by either adding to the design or glitching out the design. 

I just can’t figure out how to make it work…better…but also…at the same time, do I even want to? The effect of the stare and the long drawn out slither help, it just needs another little tunnel…