EDPX 5100 – Grad Critique – Week 1: Project Proposal

Project Proposal, Process, and Precedents

After finishing my undergrad I spent a lot of time watching several TedTalk videos and never has one had a greater influence than the talk Miwa Matreyek had given that featured her Myth and Infrastructure piece. 

While writing my project proposal I found that thinking big is the direction I need to go. That this Grad Critique is the first, and the one to really experiment with. 

Here’s how it will go:

  1. Coding in Processing – ongoing skill
  2. Writing a story – ongoing skill
  3. Include the figure (performance?) – new skill
  4. Move into (4D animation) – new skill
  5. Then include all of these elements into a moving breathing piece. 

Skills needed are coding, watching and studying several processing videos. 

Writing a cohesive story that I can “show” and keep people intrigued, using changes of mood through lights, movement and eventually sound (not this quarter). The story is central to bonds and how we create them psychologically as humans but primarily as women. My story involves searching for that bond but having nothing to attach myself to. (Finding a metaphor for that, the first thing that comes to mind is a barnacle). Perhaps I am forshadowing a future project where I plan to analyze a bond by measuring it and collecting data…

This narrative is about perception, memory, magical realism, and mysticism. I once read an article about how our memories make us who we are. But, what if the memories that we possess are fabricated? Who are we then? 


The resources I would need would be processing, (4D Program), computer, projector, self.

I expect to have a solid storyline to process in code but the second half of the semester and by the end having something finalized in (4D animation). The performance part of the piece, the soundscapes, those I expect to come later and to be ongoing unless I prove to learn how to use these programs effectively earlier on. 

The goal by the end of the quarter is to get proficient enough in code to be able to transfer my vision and translate it into Cinema 4D. 

Maybe…my figure can be animated…THEN come in later at a certain point? I’m not sure about the conclusion yet. 

But, that’s all she wrote, folks.