EDPX 3701 Digi Fab – Cultural Event #1


During this cultural event, the professors of the Art Department were featured. The work they presented varied in subject matter and media. The work that I was primarily focused on was the work done by the EDP professors. Primarily Tim and Kristen, which had two different representations of the department. This further pushes the idea of flexibility in the department. EDP can be interpreted in a variety of ways. 

What I walked away with from the show is the drive to do more experimentation. The way I look at the EDP program is basically a science experiment. I am curious as to what the other students from the other departments thought of the two professors featured from our department. The way I felt about DU’s art program as a whole is that a group of classically trained artists live within its walls. I feel that the EDP department might interrupt that classical training, which is why theories, ideas, and mediums that Tim and Kristen used were so different from the others.