EDPX 5100 – Grad Critique – Week 2: Project Proposal Update and Progress

Project Proposal:

After talking to the class about my project and talking through the process of my idea the general consensus is to make a game. At first, a choose your own adventure game came to mind as if the player were to recontextualize my history and change it and grow with the character.  There was another suggestion that was suggested that was similar to the game ZORK, the character would travel from world to world, alternate universe to alternate universe and in the end depending on the choices the player made would either end up being me or someone else entirely created by the memories they chose.

This game is being created to question perception, memory, and identity. I once read an article about how our memories make us who we are. But, what if the memories that we possess are fabricated? Who are we then? The game would operate in a first-person linear way at first until you experienced something that created a memory, the user would then choose from two different scenarios, selected a fabricated memory or one based more in reality. Depending on which one they chose that would change the directory of the player. Right now for the first part of the quarter, I would like to focus on 2 different possible outcomes and make it grow from two to five or seven depending on how the story started to unfold. 

Right now, I am picturing a small bubble popping up on the screen when you select a memory, “You created a memory!” As a scoring system, there is no winning or losing, just exploring through different outcomes based on choices. It would then say, “Your identity changed 10%.” It would then list the ways that it changed, what skills you have gained, and what skills you have lost. 

The skills I need would be narrative skills which I possess, and to master Twine which was suggested and confirmed through other conversations with peers and professors.


1/5 – Introduction, Syllabus, Pop Quiz, Planning

1/12 – Proposal #1 & Schedules (Goals & Tasks: Outline Narrative (Basic), start sketch, research)

1/19 – Goals & Tasks: Continue to learn new techniques in Twine, experiment with layout, perfect narrative

1/26 – Goals & Tasks: Finalize layout of game (testing stage)

2/2 – Goals & Tasks: Continue to improve the game and narrative

2/9 – Midterm Progress and Proposal #2 (Goals & Tasks: Show game with limited outcomes (2)

2/16 – Goals & Tasks: Tweak narrative to provide more layers for game

2/23 – Goals & Tasks: Make the game more interactive to accommodate other outcomes

3/2 – Goals & Tasks: Continue to improve game

3/9 – Goals & Tasks: Continue to improve game with testing

3/16 – Final Presentations – Publish game and release it online for others to play


Email From Rafael:


Twine is great. Easy to learn, cross-platform, open source, and has been used in work featured in the Whitney Museum of art. 
Ren’Py is another that has been used for visual novels. 

I’ve started to learn Twine. The tutorial videos of Alan Hammond are great.

ludo ergo sum”


Research Materials – 

Tools to make narrative games








The goal is to go from here after I write the narrative…


To be continued…