EDPX 5100 – Grad Critique – Week 3: Inspiration and Progress

I researched different approaches to narratives in video games. I found an interesting article that featured a, “What Remains of EdithFinch,” which is a game that claims to have no narrative. (I want to play it so bad!) 

I have been playing, “Lumino City,” on my phone which is a very beautifully made puzzle game with a touching story integrated into it.

Story Telling and Interactivity in Video Gaming

I read these articles to further explore this theory. 

When Video Games Tell Stories: A Model of Video Game Narrative Architectures

For my game, and since I will be using Twine which allows for option selecting that influences the story giving the player a sense of agency. In order for my game to be able to branch out, I have decided to create two different outcomes.

The player will have two choices when experiencing a significant, potentially traumatic life event. To either remember reality or remember a mostly fabricated memory. As I said before I want to explore identity through perception, reality, fabrication, and memory. 

Does remembering fake memories affect you as a person vs. remembering a life event in it’s reality? 

The answer to this question is obvious and has been explored before through this movie entitled Mysterious Skin. I won’t go into the synopsis but one character fabricates a memory and the other remembers it vividly, the same memory because the experience was shared.

Exploring this concept from the same point of view as a person who has personally done both intrigues me. What memories made me who I am and what memories protected me from who I could have become?

In the future, the player being able to recover a memory and gain insight (which would potentially affect the player’s score) is something I am interested in as well. 

A Total Beginner’s Guide to Twine 2.1

But first…I must learn how to use this program. This website a beginner’s guide to Twine made by Adam Hammond has been super helpful.

The next step is to learn how to implement processing into Twine. 

Until, next time. 

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