EDPX 3701 Digi Fab – Week 4 (To Plot, Or Not)

I had some technical difficulties when I was plotting, which I found to effect a lot more things than I hoped it would have. It turns out that there is an automatic setting that I forgot to click while using the GraphIt software.

But overall, I learned that I would have liked to print out the logos and do test prints over the course of a few days to troubleshoot the design for print. I would like to revisit the plotter and extend this project somehow to make it worth a grad credit.

I feel that if I would have printed bigger and removed some text that the overall project would have been more successful. However, I felt hung up on the vague criteria and should have allowed myself more flexibility and experimentation. 

I also learned the limitations of the plotter and how simplifying a design, experimenting with lines could amplify a design. 

I’m curious if you could “plot” a design with a 3D printer…but also want to design sustainably and with purpose! 

The struggle. 

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