EDPX 3701 Digi Fab – Week 5 (It’s 3D)

I am fascinated by the idea of the integration of 3D printing technology. 


I am not very versed in 3D sculpting.


For now, experimentation is key until I figure out the skills that I would like to apply and eventually make 3D models that have layers like this. 

It was difficult to get used to the 3D space that is MakerMesh, Tinkercad, and Blender. 

My strategy right now, while I am learning is to make objects that are functional so that I can at least use the plastic I am producing into the world.

I did, however, make a collage of something a bit weird to experiment with different shapes. 

I have used all programs simultaneously, but I feel like the “duck” needs some patch work done.

Like with any new skill that needs to be learned there is a sense of frustration and failure that comes with not being able to execute your vision. 

(Currently waiting on my tax return to purchase new equipment)

The limitations I set are for myself and with practice, I will move beyond them, it just feels so limiting right now. 

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