EDPX 5100 – Grad Critique – Week 5: Mid-Point (Where am I going?)


The reason I was inspired to create a game about my life is that whenever I was experiencing anything in my life that was difficult emotionally, mentally, or physically…video game characters, movie characters, characters in a book…especially heroes served as inspiration.

These characters were written to inspire overcoming an adversary, but because of my family dynamic, I felt that I gained much more from them than that. I learned how to handle stressful situations, I learned how to be a good person, I learned that other people were put in situations that they did not choose to be in and overcame it and continued forward. 

When I worked face to face with people who were experiencing adversary due to the trauma they had experienced in the past, I saw that they were often times stuck. They felt that they were unable to move forward.

This game serves as a metaphor for that experience, the player is literally moving through stressful and intense situations. They are forced to make difficult decisions and be the consequence of that decision.

For me, the game is a way for me to go through my life and see where I have come, where I am still struggling, and how far I can go.

Eventually, I want this game to be a guide and perhaps a friend for others that have had to be in situations that were difficult, who are still moving through those life choices.

What’s really interesting to me is the layout of Twine. It resembles synopsizes in the brain. When you have experienced intense psychological and repeated trauma your brain is wired a certain way. In order to move beyond that place, you have to do work to rewire those paths.

Twine is a beautiful way to envision that. Perhaps even a way for others to examine their own path. 

I would like my final presentation to be a published game, everyone in the class will sit at the computer for 2 minutes and play the game and critique it from there.

Instead of this game that I am calling my life, I want to focus on the formative years which for me was from birth to age 12. 

I have restarted this game a total of 5 times, first I focused on the most traumatic parts, then I shifted to being vague, then I tried to skip over gaps in my life to fit it all in. 

In the end, I have decided to focus on the time in my life when I lived in two tiny towns in Texas. The history won’t necessarily change, but the way the character chooses to interact with life challenges will reveal more than other choices. 

The next step is to flesh out the mysticism, and fanaticism of that time for me and add more interactivity, loops, and pictures. 

I have a goal of 150-200 nodes and to publish the game by the end of the quarter. I’m about 1/4 – 1/3 there.

Formative Years


How to Use Twine to Develop Your Game



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