EDPX 3701 Digi Fab – Week 6 (More 3D Stuff!)

For this first print, there were no real inspirations that I could look to and get some sort of motivation from. I took the model into Tinkercad and booleaned text and the skeletal fish (it moves!) together. 


This print gave me some perspective on how long a 3D print would take, this particular one took almost an hour. 

Now to make a 2 to 4 hour print that is not…tiny…is a challenge. My natural inclination is to make something as detailed as possible. 

Abstract 3D work has inspired me in a sculptural sense, although the need for a 3D printed object that serves some sort of purpose still ways heavy on my mind.

Project 2, will be focused on narrative and serve a purpose for art! 


Inspired me to print with the MakerBot at work, and in the end, I am hoping to use this printer to print 3D products that will serve as accessible technology. 

He is the guardian of the jalapeno sprouts.